The Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team's recent triumph in smashing the world record for women's sports attendance, with over 92,000 fans gathered for their game against Omaha, marks a monumental step towards the empowerment of women in sports. This achievement transcends numerical records, signifying a profound shift in societal attitudes towards female athletes. The packed stadium serves as a symbol of the growing interest and support for women's sports, inspiring future generations of athletes to dream big without gender-related limitations. The event challenges outdated perceptions of sports as male-dominated and highlights the compelling narrative of women excelling in athletics.

This is exciting news for us to hear! At PSK, we are dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support gender equality, enabling girls and women to reach their full potential. This record-breaking game not only celebrates the accomplishments of these volleyball players but also propels the momentum for a more inclusive and equitable future for women in sports.

August 31, 2023 — Coco Ogden