Deloitte's latest survey, coinciding with the 2023 WNBA Playoffs and their new TV campaign, highlights the positive impact of competitive sports on women's professional success. The survey, titled "Impact of Sports on Women's Professional Success," reveals that women who participated in competitive sports during their youth are more likely to hold leadership or management positions in their careers. This research aligns with the growing interest and viewership of women's sports, with WNBA viewership increasing by 21% this year. Deloitte's collaboration with the WNBA and Maximum Effort aims to celebrate women's achievements both on the court and in the boardroom, emphasizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The survey findings show that skills developed through sports, such as teamwork and leadership, play a crucial role in professional success, resonating with 85% of surveyed women. These efforts seek to inspire young girls and women to pursue their dreams, fostering the next generation of leaders in various fields.
September 19, 2023 — Coco Ogden