A summer filled with prominent female sporting events, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Women’s Ashes, and Wimbledon, has ignited a resurgence in women's sports participation with 59 percent of women returning to training with their old sports teams. The empowerment and determination exhibited by female professional athletes inspired 46 percent of respondents to take up sports again. Many women had abandoned sports in their teenage years due to concerns about being "too sweaty" or not feeling "good enough." However, the recent wave of women's sports events has motivated them to dust off their sports gear and rejoin the action. The study also revealed a desire for more female sporting role models and highlighted concerns about gender-based treatment in sports, but it showed a bright future for women in sports, particularly in football, netball, and athletics. The positive impact of sports on mental health and overall life satisfaction was acknowledged by 74 percent of respondents.
September 27, 2023 — Zahra Bahari